Church administration incorporates the functions that provide order and governance for the entire church structure.

The pastor’s vision as God has revealed it to him is the primary consideration of each board and committee of leadership capacity. As the pastor acknowledges the vision given to him by God, he shares and gives directions for achieving those visions to the church leaders. The purpose is to provide a unified focus to the general membership.

Pastor Rev. Wade C. Bryant
Erica Cunningham, Executive Administrator

  • Deacon James Short
  • Deacon Vincent Johnson
  • Deacon James Hudson
  • Deacon Jimmy Johnson
  • Deacon Charles Burgess
  • Deacon Perry Williams
  • Deacon Kawan Davenport
  • Deacon Orlando Cosby
  • Deacon Lopez Branch
  • Deacon Tyrone Glass
  • Deacon Jonathan Downey
  • Deacon Gene Kyles
  • Deacon Fred Booker
  • Deacon Michael Williams
  • Trustee William Gordon
  • Trustee Norriese Johnson
  • Trustee Jeremy Simpson
  • Trustee Johnnie Robinson
  • Trustee Joe Matthews
  • Trustee Vanessa Riley