FRIDAY, APRIL 24, (9:45 AM - 11:00 AM)

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 Key texts to preach on the topic of the atonement and how to approach the topic. This workshop will assist you in developing a series of sermons on the atonement.

This class is to help you define & identify what you will need to develop & grow your music ministry to a healthy place. Having a mission statement & connecting your volunteers responsibly.   

A prescription for those who have been hurt  by people in the church after examining the symptoms and causes of toxic relationships.

Compelled by God’s love, we attack human trafficking at the most strategic moment—while it is in the process of occurring and BEFORE exploitation and enslavement.

94% of churches are not growing in comparison with their communities.  Come learn an overview of key trends churches are facing today in terms of growth in America and how to develop a plan to help your church grow. 

The issue is that many churches continue to use models of ministry which do not address the different needs people have today. We will discuss methods for spiritual conversion in the informational age.

Empowering Church Members to be Partners in   Furthering the Kingdom of God

Students will be armed with the tools and techniques to cross the bridge from the “then-ness” of the text to the “now-ness” of the text. It will help the preacher and/or teacher understand that it’s not their responsibility to “make” the text relevant but to show “how” the text is relevant.

INTAKE PROCESS: We will discuss the different ways of gathering information from those who join the church. We will also discuss the Orientation process for new members and potential new members.

In Pauls’ final admonition to his mentee Timothy he urges him to preach in season and out of season.  We will explore those aspects in the life of the preacher, his family, his health, the congregation, the culture and the text itself that may make preaching take place in season and out of season. We will discover levels of meaning in Paul’s world that enrich both concepts.

This session is design to help Senior Pastors understand social media in a social world.

This session will focus on strategies to assist the pastor to prepare the spiritual diet of the church on a quarterly or yearly basis considering book studies, character studies and the overall direction of the church.

This session will focus on clarifying some myths by normalizing grief emotions, removing the mask that Christians often wear, and finding biblical solutions to heal the brokenness resulting from grief and loss.

This class is vital in understanding how to effectively fight invisible forces of evil trying to master our souls and the souls of our loved ones.

The Church is in need of Biblical Men who live a “Biblical Lifestyle”. is centered in Jesus Christ who gives revelatory identity, purpose and function to Men to combat sin in the world. Biblical Men have an ongoing Spiritual presence that give strength, stability, and commitment to the family, Church, and community.

This workshop will propose that the trouble with the church is the trouble with its preaching. The workshop will offer a diagnosis for the church’s preaching, a prescription for the healing of its preaching which will result in a prognosis of church growth.

This course will explore ways the expository preacher can prepare to preach the text of Scripture faithfully, clearly, and better. Exegetical and Expositional Skills will be offered and examined.

It is not unusual that marriage and ministry can conflict and collide due to time constraints, unrealistic expectations and misplaced priorities. This class will give you practical insight and tools to help guide you to your healthy place in both marriage and ministry.

In this workshop we will consider the key people the Lord Jesus has gifted to us to cause growth and how we each have a vital and significant role to play in His Body – The Church.

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, (12:30 PM - 1:45 PM)

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How to plan a series of sermons on this difficult NT book.

The learning process  of accepting yourself, your family and your ministry in past, present and future tenses.  Getting away from past discontents and becoming content regardless of the way the pendulum swings.

Men as demand factors in human trafficking and exploitation: How to disrupt this process through spiritual warfare

A session that explores the keys to reaching the next generation effectively.  What does the church need to know about these two important generations that compose the largest portion of the U S population and what church practices lead to success in reaching and developing them into followers of Christ.

Six Tough Questions for the Church Growth. We will discuss Six Tough Questions every pastor, every layperson, etc.. need to answer in this present-future.

Tools to Move Church Members from Nominal Believers to Serious Followers of Christ

This class will give the student a strategy and a method that will help discover the meaning in the music and the principles in the prayers. You will learn the nature of poetry and how it speaks to us with vivid imagery. For those who are teachers and preachers, you will also get a methodology on how to teach and preach poetry so your students can be edified and encouraged.

Focus will be on the process of assimilating, connecting, making disciples, and incorporating new members in the fellowship of Christ.

We will discuss both non-verbal and verbal delivery.  Eye contact, facial expression, gesture and posture make up non-verbal aspects of preaching.  Vocal production includes breathing, pace, pitch, projection, volume, and pause.  Delivery does matter.  Preaching is a performative discipline.  No preacher should be an actor but there is an element of the actor’s craft in good preaching.

This session is design to navigate thru the future of preaching and still remain relevant in today’s culture.

This seminar will emphasize the need for a clear church focus which creates an opportunity for more growth. It will focus on the areas of mission, stream lining, and leadership alignment.

This session will provide practical biblical tools for managing the emotions that are roadblocks to spiritual growth and development.

Biblical Woman’s Life of Faith is to recommit and live out our Biblical Purpose that God has called us to be and to do. Living our Biblical Purpose is by Faith in God and being examples of Christ in our home, church, and community.

The world is in desperate need of a different leadership role model. When we are free from pride and fear, free to humbly admit our mistakes and strong enough to overlook offenses and forgive the errors of others; we can lead people and help them reach their full potential.

This course will explore ways the expository preacher can take his prayer-life to deeper levels for the sake of offering God a prepared sermon, a clear mind, a rested body, and a consecrated heart.

Imagine marriages in your church and community being strengthened. This class will give you a biblical perspective and practical tips on how to effectively minister to good marriages and strengthen those in trouble.

In this workshop, we will consider the seven character qualities that makes us effective and fruitful in knowing Jesus deeply and ensure a rich entrance into The Kingdom.

SATURDAY, APRIL 25, (8:30 PM -10:00 PM)

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What it is and How to Do It!

This class discussion will help you select and challenge praise team members.

This panel helps senior pastors and young pastors/ministers bridge the gap on social issues, mentorship, and cultural differences in a changing world!

Preaching is a sacred task that requires spirituality and skill. We will explore different resources that assist the preacher to prepare, in advance, messages that glorify God and equip believers.

Do you see your job as an “Assignment” from God? Unfortunately, most of us shape our lives around the world’s agenda rather than the kingdom agenda: When we live according to God’s Kingdom Agenda, people will see our good works and give glory to the Father.

As someone who may be in the best possible position to prevent suicide, you will find that QPR is designed to help you help someone who may be considering suicide.