Wade C. Bryant is senior pastor of Monumental Baptist Church.  He is a dedicated servant of God who leads and shepherds the flock of Monumental Baptist Church with his whole heart.  He is married to the love of his life Brenda Bryant and together God has positioned them to be an example of dedication and servant leadership.  He is privileged to serve as the 1st Vice-President of the Tennessee Progressive Baptist Council, the Tennessee delegation of the Progressive National Baptist Convention and an executive board member of the Memphis Christian Pastors Network.  Pastor Bryant’s call to ministry in 1994 was at a time that he was immersed in the helping profession working diligently in programs to alleviate human suffering.  His passion for helping people led him to become director of outreach at The Positive Mental Attitude Association during the rise of the AIDS epidemic.  His work earned him state and national recognition as an expert in community outreach and program design and development.  His abilities afforded him the opportunity to manage programs at Midtown Mental Health Center, Delta Medical Center Behavioral Health Unit and others.  In 2003 he became Director of the psychiatric emergency room at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis.  His expertise and passion for helping people afforded him the opportunity to work as a consultant with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Association of Black Psychologist in Washington, DC.  Articles about his work were published in the Association of Black Psychologists newsletter titled, “Memphis beyond the blues” and “A case for behavioral change”.

One of the great highlights in his ministry was to have the privilege to sit at the feet of his mentor, Reverend Samuel B. Kyles, a trailblazer and living legend.  Out of all the unique experiences in his life, nothing is more rewarding as preaching and teaching God’s word.  Pastor Bryant lives his life to always be of service to people.  His motto is “To maximize your reward, maximize your service”